Soul, Salt, & Sand
Soul, Salt, & Sand

it's all about me


I am Jillian. I enjoy long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. Except not. Really, I would rather be reading a John Green book while drinking a latte, or watching a cheesy ’80’s movie with some good Thai food. I am a girl. A girl with a dream. Who likes tomatoes, feminism, and John Travolta. I live near Seattle, where I can conveniently fit the Seattle stereotype of collecting records, drinking coffee, and caring way too much about the environment (at least, too much to be considered cool). I live for snow days, and in the winters, you can find me on the mountain, snowboarding (with my GoPro camera, of course). I am taking pictures just about everywhere I go, with everything from my iPhone to my Polaroid camera. I aspire to be like VanGogh, Edward Hopper, Nancy Drew, Beyonce, Ansel Adams, and, of course, the amazing Tina Fey. After all, Mean Girls is the best movie ever (she could sit with me any time).

I am a graduate of Eastside Catholic High School and currently attending Laguna College of Art and Design. Growing up I was raised in a very artistic household that always encouraged me to express myself. Following in my mothers footsteps, I found my artistic passion in photography. You'll find my personal work here and can go to my business website for my portrait work. 


Have courage and be kind